3 years ago

I’ve just discovered I live three blocks from the ocean! (Well, I knew that I was close, but there is a freeway running along the waterfront, and I didn’t know if I could get onto the other side of it). No beach, but there is a jogging trail which I believe goes all the way into St. Denis.

While trying to take these photos, several passing joggers gave me nasty scowls, thinking I was a creeper trying to take their picture. One lady actually did several double takes as she passed me, then practically stopped, turned around, and walked backwards, giving me a piercing look as she did so, to try and make me feel super uncomfortable. Well, she was successful. I mean, I don’t exactly blame her. I hate being in the background of tourists’ photos too- but seriously, just move on! I faster you jog away, the more likely it is that you won’t be in the photo!

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